Saturday, August 2, 2014

11 Fantasy Characters I wish I knew in Real Life

One of the best parts of reading paranormal fantasy is having characters with cool abilities or from different worlds or planes. Sometimes I wish I could have them around either because of their powers ro quirky personality. Here’s my list of 11 fantasy (mostly YA) characters I wish I could pull straight off the pages and grab coffee with.

   1.      Jamie Fraser from Outlander. Now this is a guy you’d want to have around. He may be a mere mortal with no actual paranormal ability, but he’s smart, strong, a true leader, and always knows what to do. He’s also the epitome of loyalty and devotion to Claire, and knows how to keep the home fires burning – all while looking dashing in his kilt. 
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2.      Alice Cullen from Twilight. I love a good sidekick with personality, but Alice can also see the future. That could seriously come in handy. Without even thinking hard I can come up with 10 things I’d want her to track for me. She’s also really good with fashion, which I could definitely use her help with. Buy Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)

3.      Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. Sure, she starts out as a know-it-all, but the fact is, she does know it all! Plus she’s one of the most accomplished witches of her age.
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4.      David Rice from Jumper. If you haven’t read this one, you might enjoy it. David can teleport anywhere in the world if he’s already been there and can picture it very accurately. No more commuting, please – David? A little help here? Let’s hop over to Paris for dinner, then watch the sunset in Maui. House on a gorgeous, remote mountain top? No problem. Buy Jumper: A Novel

    5.  Magnus Bane from Mortal Instruments. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with the High Warlock of Brooklyn? He often comes in just at the right moment to save the day, and does it with a generous dusting of glitter in his spiky hair. 
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6.      Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games. Sweet baker’s son who is literally willing to sacrifice his life for yours – wow. I like characters (and friends) with strong principles, loyalty and selflessness.
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7.       Bean from Ender’s Shadow. This orphan hid in a toilet at age 3 and survived on the streets of Brazil on his own. By the time most kids are working on reading chapter books, he was figuring out how to save the world. Would be great to have him around for intellectual conversation about world politics, but I’d probably spend a lot of that time feeling very, very stupid.

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8.      Bernie Kosar from I Am Number Four. Okay, Bernie is a dog – well technically a Chimeara from Lorien, but who wouldn’t want to have a pet who could shape shift according to need or whim. Although I’d be much happier about the feeding and clean up of his hummingbird form versus a saber tooth tiger. Buy I Am Number Four Movie Tie-in Edition (Lorien Legacies)

9.      Arriane Alter from Fallen. Another snarky, fearless, loyal sidekick. This one also sprouts wings from her back – again, no traffic! She has a ton of personality and knows how to have fun, but is also fighting for good, in spite of being a fallen angel.

10.   Lord John from The Scottish Prisoner. Lord John is another mortal, and his superpower is his social prowess. If I were going to live  in 18th century England, I would definitely want him as an ally. Besides, he would be excellent company - he is well read, knows all of the best places to visit, and I daresay we share a similar taste in men. Buy The Scottish Prisoner: A Novel (Lord John Grey)

11.   Saphira from Eragon. Feeding and care would be problematic, and she’d have to be careful in our California drought with the fire danger, but being friends with a dragon would have to be pretty amazing. She’s also got a very regal personality and carries great wisdom. Buy Eragon (Inheritance, Book 1)

Now it’s your turn.

Which YA/Paranormal Fantasy characters would you want to hang out with and why?

Do you agree with any of my picks? Any of your favorites make the list?

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