About the author:

BL Whitney is the author of the upcoming book "The Gathering of the Three."

BL Whitney, Brandy, is an avid reader of paranormal fantasy and enjoys stories that are told in the everyday world, in which characters find themselves thrust into a magical situation - either with supernatural abilities or interacting with non-human beings.

A little more:

Brandy was born in southern California, and moved a lot as a child. Books and stories were her constant. Later in life, she became a yoga teacher and got a Master's degree in Holistic Counseling Psychology. She found a way to blend the two and then added studies in trauma healing, becoming adept at using the mind-body connection to heal, specifically using touch. 

When she was in training as a touch therapist, the fantasized about having magical abilities to heal people. It was from this desire that The Gathering of the Three was born. 

Now she blends her love of fantasy fiction with her background in healing and her deep interest in self actualization.

She now lives in northern California.

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